Adorable video of red-headed triplet babies captured in photoshoot :)

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Red-headed triplets capture hearts around the globe after photographer snaps them snuggling together at just a month old (and adorably they all got hiccups at the same time)
A New Zealand photographer has made hearts melt across the world, after capturing heartwarming images of red-headed triplets cuddled together.

Newborn photographer Cassandra English snapped the stunning images of the one-month-old babies.Cassandra said she wasn't able to photograph any of the triplets separately as they would begin to wake as soon as they were moved apart.

'When I would take one away they would start stirring and then I would put them back and they would start placing their little hands around each other,' she said.

'They were so loved up and gorgeous and would then go back to sleep.

'I wanted to do as many shots as I could of them all snuggled up together because that's naturally how they were and that's what they know.'

The adorable triplets, Macy, Toby and Sadie, made hearts melt around the world as Cassandra shared a video of the photographing process on Facebook.Soon her video had been shared more than 10,000 times.

'It's crazy, it's all around the world and in the newborn photography world it's gone very viral and in our little corner of the world it's blown up,' Cassandra said.

She said that although she knew it would do well she wasn't expecting it to go viral.

'I've been thinking a lot today about why it did so well and I think it just reminds people of their own babies and people like watching us work so gently with the babies,' she said.